What types of GO Cards are there?

All GO Cards can store cash credit which can be used to suit your needs and convenience; or you can load it with a Monthly Pass. You can have a Monthly Pass and credit on the card at the same time. All GO cards are re-usable and you can add more credit when convenient and as you require.

Any money loaded on the GO Card will remain available to let you travel; there is no time limit, and the credit on the card remains there until you use it. If your GO Card becomes damaged, we can issue you with a new one and transfer any outstanding credit from the old one, to the new one.

A new features are the Monthly Pass; just 12 BD for 28 days travel and the Weekly Pass 3 BD for 7 days travel! In the future, there will be other options – saving you money when you travel regularly. (These can be purchased only from the bus station ticket offices).

Personalized GO Cards

Personalized GO Cards can be acquired only at the ticket offices in the main Bus stations during opening hours, or as Anonymous Card from the Ticket Office or Ticket Vending Machines at the stations (24 hours a day). Additional selling points will be announced in the near future.

Personalizing your GO Card with your photograph and details, will allow us identify it and find it for you in case of lost or being stolen, it will help us manage your GO Card account and transfer any balance on your lost/stolen GO card. We plan to launch special travel products opportunities to link your GO Card to other events and provide an online credit top-up facility through our website or app.

Personalized GO Cards can be used for all options, including the Monthly  and the Weekly Pass . Anonymous cards can only be used for Single Trip.”