Life at BPTC

Engaging, Challenging, and Safe!

Safety is a number 1 priority in Bahrain Public Transport Company’s life. We have set various rules and regulations, including maximum driving speed of 10 km/h inside the company’s campuses. We also require all of our staff to wear a high visibility vest to make sure you are highly visible to any driver inside a moving vehicle. We have all instructions on fire exists, fire extinguishers, and fire evacuation plans placed on notice boards in all of our building. We don’t only put rules and regulations, but we also train our staff for fire fighting, basic first aid, defensive driving and many more courses and training to make our staff on the top in safety.

What makes our work life challenging is its uniqueness. In Bahrain, there is only one public transport agency operating at a time, which makes it a unique experience to work with us which gives you the chance to not only learn something new, but also gain a paradigm shift by going through a complete different way of thinking and applying things.

Processes help standardize work, monitor performance and keeps window for improvements. In BPTC we make sure we have our processes set neat and clear, however, we are also very open and flexible to listen to our employees’ input on our process and give them the ability to come up with their own processes and at some occasions we adopt those processes! Working with BPTC is surely an engaging experience.

Values Awards

We recognise outstanding performance of our people by encouraging nominations for our Values Awards. These are celebrated in the form of an awards ceremony for National Express UK Bus employees and a larger group wide occasion.

Customer Service

Here at BPTC, good customer service is essential in all roles throughout the Company. Customers don’t just take the form of bus passengers, but also our colleagues, communities and business partners.

In order to meet and exceed our customers’ needs, all our employees are encouraged to use the 5 golden rules for customer service in their everyday duties;

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